Those who blush

Those who blush

Created by Julien Gaspar-Oliveri, Maud Konan, Johan Rouveyre

  • 2024
  • France, Switzerland
  • 8 épisodes – 10 minutes
  • VO Français – sous-titres FR, DE, EN

A group high school students in a theater elective find themselves with a substitute teacher for a month. As they recite Shakespeare while maintaining their distance, the teacher abruptly interrupts the rehearsal. In the midst of an age where people often advance masked, with eyes either too elevated or heads too lowered, the question of intimacy becomes prominent for them.


Séries Mania

  • Meilleure série, compétition formats courts



Séries Mania



Ulrich Bapeneck
Mani Choukrane
Stéphane Erös
Elio Fabbro
Angèle Gilbert
Anaëlle Heroguelle
Nicolas Kessler
Milla Kuentz
Kayna Lacomat
Marie Naïma
Charles Souris
Julien Gaspar-Oliveri

A series created by
Julien Gaspar-Oliveri
Maud Konan
Johan Rouveyre

Written by
Julien Gaspar-Oliveri
Johan Rouveyre
Louise Silverio

Directed by
Julien Gaspar-Oliveri

1st assistant director
Marie Fouché

Martin Rit

Baptiste Petit-Gats

Colin Favre-Bulle
Mariette Mathieu Goudier

Sound editing
Henry Sims

François Wolf
Diego Staub
Kevi Aragunde

Original Music
Dom La Nena

Set Design
Georg Bringolf
Sara B. Weingart

Costume Design
Louise Antezak-Corseret

Hair Stylist
Line Levron

French line producer
Hugo Riggi

Swiss line producers
Christelle Michel
Nicolas Wittwer

Théo Laboulandine
Hélène Mitjavile

Box Productions
Elena Tatti

RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Françoise Mayor
Patrick Suhner

ARTE France
Marianne Lévy-Leblond
Lama Serhan


Born in Antibes, Julien Gaspar-Oliveri trained as an actor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris. His theatre credits include work with Dominique Czapski, Didier Bezace and Jean Bellorini. He has directed Chekhov and several plays by Jean-Luc Lagarce at the Théâtre Antibéa, where he is an associate artist. He made his film debut with ‘Loin de Benjamin’, his first short film. He then directed ‘Passe’, with Laure Calamy, followed by ‘Villeperdue’, a medium-length film starring Carole Franck, Lucie Debay and Benjamin Siksou. The film was well received by critics and released in cinemas. It won the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize at the Namur Film Festival. In ‘L’Âge Tendre’, he portrays a lost teenager, played by Noée Abita. He then set about making a documentary about the 2020 municipal elections. Currently being edited, the film traces the campaign of the ecologist candidate for mayor of Paris. Keen to try new things, Julien then adapted a short film for a France 2 series on new heroines, with Pauline Lorillard in the title role. He also teaches theatre and film at the Cours Florent. Continuing his exploration of adolescence and the emotional catalyst that is acting, he is currently developing a series project on the theatre Bac. He is currently writing his first feature film, on the subject of incest. Co-written with Claudia Bottino, her collaborator on the writing of ‘L’Âge tendre’, the project has won the CNC’s writing grant.